Consultant Specialist in Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac MRI

Our Specialist Cardiologist has a range of expertise in various cardiac conditions ready to serve you.

Devon Square Heart Clinic

Devon Square Heart Clinic was founded in 2023. This clinic was set up to enable wider number of patients access to fully private and consultant led cardiology services.

Our Specialist Cardiologist has a range of expertise in various cardiac conditions ready to serve you.

We have some of the most up to date equipment and offer and wide range of services for diagnosing and treating heart conditions.

We at Devon Square Heart Clinic believe that private Cardiology care should be readily available and affordable.


At Devon Square Heart clinic we aim to offer rapid access to private appointments with a Consultant Cardiologist for assessment and diagnosis of any heart concerns.

Our Consultant specialises in Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac imaging and will be happy to address your concerns.

Our Specialist

Dr. Usman Ejaz Sheikh MBBS, FRCP ( London), FPSIM ( Pak)
GMC Number 6069987

Dr. Sheikh is Consultant Interventional Cardiologist with a specialist interest in Cardiac MRI. He is currently the clinical lead for Cardiology at Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust.

His specialist interests include diagnosing and treating chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations, syncope, aortopathies, atrial fibrillation, valvular heart disease, and hypertension.

Face to Face consultation

If you have insurance you will need to visit your GP who can refer you to our clinic through your insurance provider. If you don’t have insurance , you can self refer to our clinic  by contacting our team.

Your consultation cost as a new patient is £300.

We are happy to offer our patients phone or video consultations. This service is not currently covered by any of the insurance companies. The cost for a 30 minute phone or video consultation is  £150.

Our pricing

We recognise most UK health insurers and our consultant is a registered care provider for most insurers.  Following receipt of a valid authorisation we will handle all the financial aspects of your appointments and treatments direct with your insurer. If you have any queries as to whether your planned appointment or treatment is covered by your insurance you need to speak to your insurer to confirm this. In some cases, you may need supporting information from your GP, consultant or ourselves to confirm cover and we will be happy to help.

If you do not have insurance, you may choose to pay for your treatment. In many cases you can self-refer for your first consultation and arrange this at a time that suits you.  We will provide you with a quote prior to your clinic visit. If any procedures are needed then we will provide you with an estimate for the procedure.

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