Problems with my fixed brace

I have a fractured bracket, does it need to be re bonded?

A: Please email the practice and will will advise if we need to see your prior to your next appointment to repair your broken bracket. Please note broken brackets are not an emergency, If the bracket is on the wire then leave it there, after brushing your teeth you can place some wax on it, if it is required to stop it from swiveling around on the wire. If the bracket has come away from the wire then keep hold of it, and bring it to your next appointment.

I have swallowed one of my brackets.

A: Please do not be alarmed if you have swallowed one of your brackets, it will pass through naturally without causing any internal concerns.

Will my tooth move if I do not have a broken bracket re bonded?

A: If it is a bracket that was attached to the wire then this is a possibility, however this is not a major concern and can be re bonded at a later stage. To avoid breakages please remember to look after your brace by sticking to the softer versions of foods, avoid biting nails, pen lids etc.

My clear elastic chain has come loose, what shall I do?

A:This elastic chain is ok to leave if it’s not causing any irritations. If the chain is flapping around then you can trim the chain with a small pair of nail scissors.

My wire has slipped to one side and is digging into my cheek, what can I do?

A: If you have recently had your appliance fitted the wire will be relatively flexible and you can try using your thumb nail, back of your toothbrush or the back of a teaspoon to gently push the wire back around.

My wire is sticking out, on the website it says to trim with nail scissors….should I??

A: If you have recently had your appliance fitted the wire will be relatively flexible and you can make the wire comfortable by tucking it under the hook of your very back brackets. You may need to place some wax in the area to keep it in place. We would not suggest that you trim your wire in case you make it worse for yourself. If you take a photo of  the area and email it into the practice we can advise you further. If your brace has been on for some time you are likely to be in a strong wire which in this case it will not be possible for you to trim the wire at home but it is more likely that the wire will just sit alongside the teeth .

My wire is too strong and I cannot trim it

A: If the wire you have in place is a strong wire then it will not be possible to trim it yourself. The best thing is to use wax to protect your cheeks from the sharp end and email the practice, we can then arrange an appointment for you to trim this wire.

My wire has broken, can I pull it out?

A: it is not advised that you try to pull wire out of your brackets, if it is not causing you any discomfort then it is ok to leave. If you are concerned then please email a photo of the area and we can advise you from there.

My teeth have started to cause discomfort? Should I be worried?

A: No you should not be concerned regarding discomfort coming and going, the arch wires we use specifically continue to gently move the teeth. If you do have any discomfort have softer foods, cold drinks and foods, and painkillers you would take for headache ( please DO NOT use Ibuprofen)

My teeth feel mobile, should I be concerned?

A:With orthodontic treatment teeth are actively moving through bone, resulting in teeth moving and causing some mobility, so this is normal, please do not worry. If you are concerned that a particular tooth feels more mobile than normal then again please email the practice and we can arrange to see you.

My baby tooth has come out but is attached to the wire, how do I remove it?

A: You will see that the tooth is held in by an elastic module (small doughnut shaped elastic), try to ease the tooth from the wire being careful  not to break anything.

I have a tingling lips, cheek irritation, of swelling of the lips, what should I do?

If you are wearing elastic bands please stop wearing them immediately, take an antihistamine (always read instructions to ensure it is safe for you to do so) and see if this helps, If you are not wearing any elastics, please send a picture into the practice for further advice, if your brace was fitted over over3 or more days then it is very unlikely to be a reaction from the appliance. If the irritation is causing respiratory problems ring 111 for advice or in an emergency dial 999.

Trauma to my face and brace what should I do?

A: If you have fallen or hit your face resulting in severe trauma to the soft tissues and appliance-

  • Firstly you could send in a picture to our email address showing the area of damage so we can give advice.
  • or to contact 111 regarding severe facial damage. ( please be aware of the out of hours dentist and hospital dentist DO NOT treat problems restricted to orthodontics?