Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

Here at Devon Square Orthodontics we offer a wide range of fixed appliances to suit all our patients needs.

Fixed Braces

Small brackets are attached onto to the teeth using a tooth coloured filling material (composite resin). A metal wire is then placed into each bracket and held in place using a silver or coloured elastic ring. You will normally come and see us every 8-10 weeks to have your fixed appliance adjusted and treatment normally takes between 18-24 months.  Sometime dental extractions are required as part of your orthodontic treatment, this would be discussed with you by one of our Orthodontic specialists.

Care has to be taken when you start any orthodontic treatment. This includes ensuring you maintain excellent dental hygiene throughout, continue to see your general dentist for your dental check ups and to be careful with the food you eat i.e. avoiding  hard/sticky foods and high sugar drinks. Our team will discuss this in more detail at the start of your treatment.

We look forward to you starting your orthodontic treatment journey with us and giving you a smile that you can be proud of.


Self Ligating Braces
Cosmetic Braces