Interceptive Treatment (starting treatment early)

In cases where a patient has some baby teeth and some adult teeth it may be beneficial to have interceptive treatment. The second (permanent) teeth erupt (grow up) into a mouth which is also growing and the environment is changing. During the period of eruption, changes occur as a result of jaw growth, early loss of baby (deciduous) teeth , sucking habits and soft tissue forces. It may be possible to favorably influence some of these factors through interceptive treatment. It can be used to maximize tooth movement and reduce trauma or potential damage. Not only can it have a beneficial effect on the patients developing dentition, growth and oral hygiene; but also through early intervention the patient may avoid the upset of having teeth who’s appearance they are unhappy with. By developing the dental arches early on, the teeth can erupt into more favorable positions and may reduce the complexity of later orthodontic treatment.

Interceptive treatment can be started with either removable functional appliances, fixed braces or Invisalign Aligner Treatment (Invisalign First).